Friedhard Meyer

Friedhard Meyer



Artist: Friedhard Meyer

Adresse: Martin-Luther-Strasse 26A. 97616 Bad Neustadt. Deutschland


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Title: Meditation 5

Technique: Acryl-Nadeltechnik,

Size: 100 x 100 cm





With this project, I have established my own task to reduce paints to colors, and the colors of the toletles go ahead, ways to abstract colors as much as possible, reducing them so that they can have, for example, turning colors into art.

This type of painting is rooted in the desire to create colors in their context and their relationship with others.

My color composition is an expression of the intuition generated by colors that have the result of mathematical-geometric considerations, as proclaimed by Concrete Art.

I have always been fascinated and searched for the mystery of colors, and these feelings convey. Ism can detect the essential elements of colors and capture them in my paintings.

These paintings convey a message that goes beyond the colorful and formal feel of the paintings.

It is the experience of tranquility, simplicity, meditative contemplation that these color spaces transmit.

I have developed a particular acrylic removal technique that I use for these paints, so the surface is generated only by applying a 10cm wide flat brush in a vertical direction.

The dye is applied virtually with fine needles, so several layers of color overlap.

In doing so, there is a high concentration of colors in the smallest spaces.

Among others, the appeal of these paintings lies in their precision.

This type of color application is an important and unique feature of my paints.


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