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Artist: Domingos Leite de Castro

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Since my works are predominantly non-figurative and sometimes, with allusions to a subliminal character, they lead to individual interpretations that differ according to the sensitivity of the observer.
I do not mean to suggest a purpose in my work. They are usually the result of a process that is developed on trials, errors and stops in time, to later be taken up again ... Only when they are revealed in what I consider the fullness of the correct thing, I call them finished. At that moment, they no longer "belong to me" to become the one who sees them and appropriates their feelings and possible interpretations.
In that sense, I do not convey any personal interpretation, message, or title. Even the signature is done from behind so that there is no interference from me in the first impact of those who see them. I intend that those who look at them only see them with their eyes and sensations, free from allusions or indications of their author… And that pleases me, because it gives the user a freedom to interpret and make suggestions that sometimes leave me astonished.

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